About Us

Our shop in Trim

Based in Trim, Co Meath, Leonard’s is a select Off-Licence business. Trading here for three generations under various auspices, this 1994 premises is exclusively dedicated to Fine Wines and Premium Spirits. Their extensive selection allows customers to view these high-end quality products while Leonard’s are well versed in recommending and advising on their range.

Our Vision is to further develop a strong reputation within the industry and attract customers who have both premium and affordable tastes. We are committed to the strong relationships we have developed with our customers over the years and knowing their preferences allow us to stock a wide variety of premium products. Our aim would be to build a strong and trustworthy brand that will allow customers to see us as their ‘go-to’ store when making decisions for special occasions, events or for those who have a passion, like us, for renowned brands.

Core Values

Premium | Knowledge | Honesty | Trustworthy | Educational

We are innovative and very aware of the high-end luxury trends in the industry and guarantee that our stocks will exhibit an impressive selection. Touching base and travelling to our suppliers guarantee us an exclusive knowledge to select the best premium and prestigious wines and spirits.

When sourcing our product we bear in mind that we are the connoisseurs for our clientele so selecting our luxury brands are uppermost in our tastes.

The Leonard’s brand has a luxurious touch and communicates a rural vibe throughout our selections. While catering for all budgets, Leonard’s remains rooted in our strong qualities and values.

Our appreciation and passion for the finer and exclusive trends are evident in our store. As these trends vary, Craft Beers is an area we have also developed and stock select names associated with these brewers.

We differ from our competitors as we give personal and individual recommendations. Our extensive knowledge allows us to build this type of clientele who can feel comfortable and at ease while discussing their different tastes with us.

As most businesses today, Social Media plays an important role and we are not oblivious to this medium. Leonard’s has built a loyal circle who constantly portray their satisfaction and reliability with us. Their positivity and much appreciated comments have increased and allowed a clientele as far reaching as Dublin to make their way to us. Our Online Store will also give us a medium to trade with these customers.

Old Poster Leonard's Fine Wines and Premium Spirits

A long history in the community