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Villa Antinori Toscana Red 2020 and White 2022 - Ryder Cup Special Edition

Villa Antinori Toscana Red 2020 and White 2022 - Ryder Cup Special Edition

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We Say: Pack of 2 bottles: a red and a white wine.

The 2020 Marchesi Antinori Villa Antinori Toscana IGT is a red wine that combines the elegance and tradition of Sangiovese with the richness and complexity of international grape varieties. It is a wine that expresses the diversity and quality of the Tuscan terroir, with aromas and flavors that range from fruity to spicy, from floral to earthy. It is a wine that can be enjoyed young or aged for a few years, as it evolves and reveals new nuances over time. It is a wine that pairs well with a variety of dishes, from meat to cheese, from pasta to mushrooms. It is a wine that reflects the history and innovation of the Antinori family, one of the most renowned and respected producers in Italy. It is a wine that invites you to discover and appreciate the beauty and charm of Tuscany.

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Country: Tuscany, Italy

Vintage: 2020

Grape: Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese, Syrah

Alc. Vol.: 13.5%

Sensory Profile: Villa Antinori 2020 is ruby red in colour. The nose is intense, captivating and defined by fruity notes of black cherries and black currant with hints of cocoa and coffee. The pleasant bouquet is completed by aromas of spices and boxwood. The enveloping palate presents supple, velvety tannins sustained by excellent freshness and sapidity.

Some possible food pairings for this wine are:

  • Meat dishes such as grilled steak, lamb chops or roast beef
  • Pasta dishes with rich sauces such as bolognese, ragù or amatriciana
  • Cheese dishes such as lasagna, pizza or fondue
  • Mushroom dishes such as risotto, soup or stuffed mushrooms
  • Chocolate desserts such as brownies, cake or mousse
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